San Francisco Wedding Reception on a Budget

San Francisco Wedding ReceptionThere are many parts to your wedding day, and therefore many places you will be expected to spend your money. One aspect is the San Francisco wedding reception, which can cost half of your total budget if you are not careful. Of course, there are ways to do just about anything on a budget, including a wedding reception in San Francisco. The most obvious thing you can do is keep the event small. The grander the occasion, the more it will cost. Unless you have your heart set on inviting 1,000 people, it may be in your best interest the keep the guest list small, in turn keeping your spending down.

The solution to not spending a fortune on San Francisco wedding receptions is to find a venue that is inexpensive. Church reception halls are usually available for rent for a nominal fee. There should be a kitchen at your disposal and plenty of room to set up decorations you either rent or borrow from a wedding-savvy friend for your wedding reception in San Francisco. Restaurants in the area may have low-cost wedding reception options. You will likely have the option of choosing a package that includes dinner, a beverage and a banquet hall to accommodate all your guests. Hotels often have similar packages for San Francisco wedding receptions.

You may even have the option of finding a San Francisco wedding reception venue that is free! If you have a friend with a home large enough for your purposes who is willing to open up their home to you, this could be the perfect way to save money. If you are getting married in the summer, an outdoor venue such as a park could be yours for free. With some simple decorations, you can turn a plain green field into one glittering with lights, decorated with balloons and surrounded by lattice fences.

Clearly, there are ways to have a beautiful San Francisco wedding reception without going broke in the process. Of course, you want the event to be attractive and memorable, but that does not mean it must be expensive. Ask friends and family about San Francisco wedding receptions they have been to for advice about how to pull yours off on a budget. Always look for package deals and do not be afraid to work down prices. Soon, you will be attending your own wedding reception in San Francisco with a feeling of satisfaction knowing you have saved money.