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San Francisco Wedding CakesAs your wedding plans begin to unfold, the time has come to consider different styles and flavors of San Francisco wedding cakes. Choosing a cake you are not in love with will not mean the end of the world, but you certainly want to choose something perfect for you if possible. Here are some popular San Francisco wedding cake styles to consider.

The traditional cake is an undying classic that has lasted decades of changing wedding trends. This describes a square or round San Francisco wedding cake with multiple levels stacked one right on top of the other. It has white fondant frosting and is usually made of white or yellow cake with white butter cream filling. The top layer is kept by the bride and groom to be eaten on their one-year anniversary and the other two or three layers are cut and served to guests.

The themed cake is a very trendy option right now. These kinds of San Francisco wedding cakes are daring, utilizing many different colors to stand out from everything else at the reception. If your wedding has a theme, this style of San Francisco wedding cake is definitely recommended. You could also base your cake on your honeymoon destination. Currently, cakes with multiple shaped tiers, or even a pyramid-shaped top, are in style. With many themes available for you to choose, adding pearls or crystals will give San Francisco wedding cakes the wow factor you are hoping to achieve by doing a themed cake.

The cupcake option allows for individual gorgeously-decorated cupcakes to be stacked high for a beautiful textured look. These kinds of San Francisco wedding cakes are ideal for garden weddings or buffet-style receptions. Sizes can vary from mini-muffin sized to large cupcakes. Your choice can be based on how much detail you want in your cupcake wedding cake and how many servings you need altogether. Heart-shaped cupcakes create a memorable detail that each guest can enjoy.

The chocolate cake is an interesting choice that steers away from the traditional white, unless you use fondant or white chocolate on the outside. A decadent fudge or caramel interior will delight guests as you cut into your San Francisco wedding cake. A stylish and tasty option is to include cut fruit in the top of the cake or as side dishes for guests to eat along with the rich chocolate cake and icing.

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