Important Questions to Ask a Catering Company

San Francisco CateringFinding an affordable San Francisco catering company that provides safe, tasty food is not easy to come by these days. As you go through your San Francisco wedding catering options, there are several questions you should be ready to ask your potential caterers. These questions will help you narrow down your list to the best possible candidates to provide affordable food for your guests at the most important event of your life.

1.Are you available the day of my wedding? This is the first question that should be asked of every potential caterer. It does not matter what kinds of food they offer or what price it is if they are booked at another event the day you need them. Save yourself time and frustration by getting this question out very first.

2.Is this company a licensed food provider? Getting involved with San Francisco catering companies that are not legally licensed could spell trouble for you and your guests. Food safety is more important than anything else, even taste, and a licensed company will be safe to work with.

3.Do you offer food tasting? The last thing you want is to choose what sounds like scrumptious items from their San Francisco wedding catering menu only to taste it and discover it does not meet your standards. Some companies will charge for a food tasting session, but others offer it complementary for working with them. Whatever you do, never settle for a multi-thousand-dollar catering contract without tasting every item you are planning to order.

4.Where do you stand on alcohol? This is an important question because you may be planning to bring your own outside drinks, but the San Francisco catering company may want to charge you service or gratuity fees. Knowing all the details ahead of time will help you decide how to manage alcohol at your wedding.

5.Other than food, what else is provided? If the price you are paying includes china, cutlery, napkins and linens, you will save yourself the trouble of finding these from other sources. A service or rental fee may be charged for these, especially for cleaning anything that is returned after the rental period.

6.What is the payment period and cancellation fee? There are no San Francisco wedding catering standards when it comes to the answering these questions. Deposits may be non-refundable and due at the time of signing the contract. Cancellations may need to be made 72 hours or more in advance, and payments are often required in full before the event.

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